Slight changes to the system

8 05 2007

If you had followed this blog from the beginning, you will have noticed I have changed the title. As well as this, I have changed the About page.

Following comments I noticed on other sites about the blog, I realised that the title was too broad and that it may give many the impression that this blog would be all things Birmingham. Whilst I love Birmingham and love sharing my knowledge with you guys and girls out there, I simply cannot provide some of the information you may wish to receive. This may include festivals and genealogical information.

So, to highlight the focus of the blog, I have changed the title to something more specific (and imaginative if I may say so myself). Birmingham: AAH is really a play on words with a pinch of onomatopoeia. If you still don’t get it then allow me to explain:

The Birmingham part is obvious. But the ‘AAH’ is an acronym for ‘Architectural And Historical’. This is also onomatopoeic in that it copies the “Aah!” sound someone would (hopefully!) make after reading the blog. It would also replicate the sound they make when they realise Birmingham is not just a dull concrete jungle and in fact a sprawling, vibrant and cultural metropolis.

Understand? If not, just comment the post and I’ll get round to drawing up a list of children’s books to get you started.

And to just warn you, or maybe just tell you anyway, most of the pictures available right now were taken a few weeks back. I will be unable to take pictures for the next few weeks so it may leave things a little bit restricted in terms of posts but I shall get round to photographing once my camera is available and I have enough free time to doing so!




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