Birmingham is a relatively young city. It was forged upon the work of the residents during the Industrial Revolution whom kept Birmingham on top of the technology ladder.

Birmingham was bombed out severely in World War II which resulted in a major regeneration scheme for the whole of Birmingham – a city which had now become a form of a blank canvas. The 1960s presented the city with opportunities unseen to the city before. Highrise estates, ringroads and new infrastructure were built for the city.

Architecturally, these are now looked at poorly but you still find the gems nestled within.

This blog aims to broadcast these architectural gems to you as well as provide a historical look at the city in a parallel fashion. It is a subject I am relatively knowledgeable on and feel that my knowledge should be shared with you.

All contributions and comments are widely accepted and appreciated and if you want to add a suggestion to a post, then please comment this page or any of my posts.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog!

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7 05 2007

Hi, I Like your writing. I’ve just added this site to the blog roll at the Birmingham Conservation Trust blog:


2 11 2007

Thanks very much for your fascinating entries- I look forward to reading many more to come!

26 02 2010
Brett Wilde

Hi, I enjoyed reading about some of the buildings I’ve been photographing for years, we seem to have been drawn to the same ones.
I think you’ll enjoy my Moseley and Birmingham set on Flickr, please feel free to use any on your blog, with a link of course! I’ve done most of the interesting buildings and vistas in Birmingham, even the George and Dragon, mainly in HDR and infrared, either way they’re quite striking.
All the best.

7 01 2012
Paradise Place | it could have been Honolulu

[…] sieht das aus hier. LOVE IT. Mehr Architektur, weniger Kunst gibt es hier. Zur Vor- und Nachbereitung des Aufenthalts. Nicht dass falsche Erwartungen geweckt werden. […]

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